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Tata Motors Nexon EV

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ex-showroom price

312 Kms

Maximum Range

185 Km/h

Top speed

72.5 kWh

Battery Capacity

95 kW

Max Motor Power

10 Hours at 3.2 kW A

DC Fast Charge 0-80%

8 hrs

AC Home Charging 0-100%


Ex. Showroom Price


16.95 Lakhs

XZ+ Dark

16.29 Lakhs


15.95 Lakhs


14.54 Lakhs


17.15 Lakhs

About Tata Motors Nexon EV
Tata Nexon EV is an electric SUV which comes in an affordable price range which ranges between INR 14,29,000 – 16,90,000 and a 5-seater capacity. Tata Nexon EV comes in 5 variants respectively. The Tata Nexon EV comes with the ZIPTRON technology which gives Nexon EV advantage of 30.2 Kwh lithium-ion battery. The 30.2Kwh high energy gives an amazing performance and comes with 8-year warranty. The permanent magnet synchronous motor offers an output of 129 PS and 245 nm torque. Tata nexon ev comes with ccs 2 fast charging support which charges the nexon ev from 0 to 80% in 60 mins and normal charging as well. Tata motors are also offering the Z Connect app powered by iRa which comes with 35 intelligent features which help you to remotely control connect and keep track of your Nexon EV.
The Tata Motors Nexon EV seamlessly blends retro and futuristic design cues, creating an aura of sophisticated charm, while its spacious, tech-infused cabin provides a haven of comfort and effortless control, making every drive an exhilarating experience.

Evfy’s Verdict

Tata Motors Nexon EV Key Specifications
Maximum Range
312 Kms
Top Speed
185 Km/h
Battery Capacity
72.5 kWh
Maximum Motor Power
95 KW
DC Fast Charge
10 Hours at 3.2 kW AC Charging mins
AC Home Charging
8 hrs